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Making a Mark on Nevada: Carole Brill

by RM&D

The person behind Carole Brill, the businesswoman, and owner/managing director of RM&D, is patient, adventurous and strong, for starters. Family, traditions and learning are important to her. She shares these and other fascinating details about herself and her life in this Q&A. Who knew she’d run marathons and not just one, but five?

[ PHOTO ] Carole helps paint the Reno ReTRAC mural on June 11, 2021. She chooses to work on the river section, not surprising given her love of water.

What makes you happy?

Personally, spending time and celebrating events and milestones with family, friends and, of course, a glass (or two) of Cape Town Shiraz. I love to cook and entertain, especially in my backyard.

Making biltong is one of my favorite traditions. Biltong is a South African “jerky” made with meat and spices, but it’s much tastier. I enjoy the long process, which involves nurturing and patience.

My four dogs: Bean, Gucci, Blitz and Tick Tock.

Water, particularly the ocean or swimming in a lake, watching a waterfall or walking on a beach. I am in awe of the power of water, the shapes it forms, the varied colors it portrays and the life force it provides.

Flying. In my free time, I’m part of a crew for a hot air balloon company.

In my business, I love to assist, teach and watch clients become successful and to turn a value-added asset into a profitable investment.

What are some of your greatest achievements?

My two children. A single mom, I’m proud of how they’ve grown through and with themselves. They both have overcome obstacles and are independent and hard working.

Completing five marathons and one ultra-marathon, including the Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa and the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon.

What has been your most memorable journey?

Backpacking in Europe for a year when I was 26. I worked at a bar in London and I cooked food at a ski chalet in France. I learned that Greece is ridiculously beautiful and glacier skiing is phenomenal. Also, I lived and worked on a kibbutz in Israel. Israel touched my soul.

Of anyone in the world, living or not, who do you admire most?

Most definitely, my dad. He has integrity, patience and a strong work ethic. He’s smart and stays up to date with news from around the world, and he’s 91! We enjoy debating topics together, often.

Who is your favorite historical figure and why?

I admire Richard Branson and Warren Buffett, but the one person who impacted me most is Napoleon Hill, the granddad of motivational self-awareness literature. One passage from his book, Think & Grow Rich, on page 13, changed my life. It reads, “no matter where you are sitting right here and right now, know that where you are at is because of your own choices.”

What personality traits do you value most in your friends?

The ability to listen well, humility and generosity with their knowledge, talents and time. And willingness to pitch in to get a job done.

Which of your qualities do people close to you notice the most?

Fondness for family history, traditions and ancestry
Strength in tough situations

What helps you comfortably relate to all types of people?

Like the saying goes, I never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a person by their looks. Also, travel and experiencing other people and cultures have really helped me. I watch, listen and pay attention.

How does it feel to live in a city where residents are engaged in and dedicated to community service and social activities?

I am Downtown Reno dedicated!!!

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