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Reciprocity is Good From Every P.O.V.

by RM&D

Public art piece adds credence to success of Reno Midtown District improvements

It’s impossible to miss “Reciprocity,” the new intriguing large public art sculpture and attention-getting centerpiece by artist Hunter Brown in the Reno Midtown District.

Carole Brill, managing director RM&D and downtown Reno business owner, was immediately captivated from her first viewing. “Reciprocity took my breath away the first time I saw it while approaching the new roundabout,” said Brill.

“Reciprocity” (only 15 days old) is now a local landmark that completes extensive traffic flow improvements and attractive upgrades at the South Virginia Street, Center Street and Mary Street intersections recently completed roundabout.

The modern, abstract sculpture with interactive elements represents movement in perfect sync with Midtown District business owners’ cooperative spirit of interactively supporting each other in ways that benefit the entire community.

“As a downtown Reno building owner and property manager, it’s been encouraging to watch the Regional Transportation Commission’s Virginia Street Project evolve into a successful Midtown District improvement with a local landmark.

I’ve now changed my route to work and will always use Virginia Street just to enjoy the roundabout which, once mastered, will keep traffic flowing perfectly while displaying how forward-thinking Reno is with the message “Reciprocity” conveys,” added Brill.

The sculpture was selected by the Public Art Committee and Reno Arts & Culture Commission in conjunction with an in-depth public engagement process with the Midtown community.

View this video for more about artist Hunter Brown’s inspiration in creating “Reprocity”:

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